Struggling with drug or alcohol problems?

Betel is an independent Christian charity for men and women affected by drug and alcohol addiction and homelessness. Through work, well-being and worship, we restore broken lives.

About Betel

Betel is a Christian community dedicated to restoring people suffering from addiction and substance abuse to healthy, independent lifestyles. We train men and women in a wide range of life and employment skills, enabling them to rebuild a strong work ethic. All of our residences are drug and alcohol free and totally free of charge.

Betel residents enter and exit voluntarily but we suggest they come for a minimum of 12 to 18 months. Daily teamwork in our charitable businesses or workshops helps to build job skills, diligence, dependability, self-esteem and respect for supervisors. This therapeutic work aids the residents’ personal recovery, whilst restoring self-dignity and a sense of purpose.

Changed Lives

"I tried everything to get free from drugs and attended at least 16 rehabs and nothing worked. I left South Africa to get away from the mess I had made, immigrated to the UK and found myself in the exact same mess there. In the UK I heard about Betel from a soup kitchen and decided to go.

It was different from anything I had tried before. The people were loving and caring and the thing that amazed me was that they were all recovered addicts. I desperately wanted what they had – freedom and victory over drugs…"

Get in touch

Betel South Africa
Suite 197, Private Bag x4
Menlo Park 0102 Pretoria

Business: (Mon -Fri 9:00 -17:00)
(+27) 071 866 3475

Ministry: (Mon -Fri 9:00 -17:00)
(+27) 060 555 1353

Please ring the men’s or women’s ministry only if you have an addiction problem. We do not interview parents, family or friends but only the addicted person.

All other queries:

How You Can Help Betel South Africa

Betel needs your help to transform lives. Whether donating furniture, money or your time, you’ll be supporting a charity that’s entirely independent from government funding. Your generosity will help us restore many more broken lives.

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Thousands of men and women have changed their lives in Betel. Call us for more information.